Gigantoonz Online Slot Rating and reviews

Play’n GO’s Gigantoonz slot machine is one of several games in their extremely successful Gigantoonz series, which is centered on cartoon monsters. On a grid 8×8, a colorful variety of bug-eyed animals will arise, and winning clusters will disappear, which will cause cascades of those that are above them. There are also Quantum Wilds that can fill in for other symbols if necessary, in addition to the giant symbols that have random values.

Special modifiers, such as symbol destructions, additional wilds, and oversized Gargantoon wilds that attach to the reels, are activated when a sufficient number of symbols are collected in a string of wins by the player.

You have the potential to earn 4,000 times your original wager if you let the monsters loose across desktop and mobile platforms. Playable at many of the most reputable online casinos, the high-stakes game Gigantoonz has an average payout percentage of 96.25 percent and is known for its high degree of volatility.

How to Play the Slot Machine Called the Gigantoonz

Gigantoonz is an online slot game that, like its predecessors Reactoonz and Dr. Toonz, features jolly cartoon monsters with a ton of entertaining details and comedic emotions that set them apart from one another. Toonz with a lower value only have one eye, while monsters with two eyes provide more points. These characters may either take up a single position on any of the game’s eight reels and eight rows, or they can show up as Mega Symbols, which have the ability to take up much of the game.

A meter is located on one side of the grid, while a monster with three eyes that is asleep is located on the other side. The grid also contains energy balls. When you play the Gigantoonz slot on your personal computer (PC), Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device, you will find that the game has a humorous theme, which is accompanied by a large number of animations and an upbeat music.

At the finest online casinos, the variety of possible bets, from 0.20 to 100.00, ensures that players may choose a level that is suitable for their bankroll. You need to scroll through the choices that are located underneath the reels, choose a wager, and then you can begin playing. The ‘I’ button on the other side of the controls opens up the paytable, while the yellow button on the controls activates the Autoplay option.

The game Gigantoonz is a cluster pays game, which means that in order to win, you need to group together six or more monsters that are the same. The most valued pay up to 1,250 times your wager, however in order to collect this amount, you need to hit a cluster of 30 or more symbols.

Other Features of the Gigantoonz Slot Machine Include Cascading Symbols

Every monster has the potential to spawn in ‘Mega’ sizes ranging from 2×2 all the way up to 7×7, and they may have random values of up to 13 associated with them. The wild symbol is the ball of energy, and it may substitute for other symbols in order to complete or enhance a cluster. Between five and ten wild symbols can randomly occur on spins that do not result in a win.

After a victory, all of the symbols on the grid are removed, which starts a cascade of the symbols further up. New symbols are added to the grid from the top, and if this creates new clusters, you are awarded another payout, and the symbols continue to cascade down the grid. There is no upper limit on the number of times this may occur. The Quantum Meter that is located to the side of the reels will continue to fill up during any sequence of cascades, and after you have accumulated a sufficient number of winning symbols, you will get the following modifiers:

The disintegration ability requires the collection of 25 symbols, after which the grid is cleared of all instances of four random symbols.

Once you have collected 50 symbols, you will unlock the metamorphosis ability, which causes all instances of a random symbol to turn into a new kind.

Radiation entails the collection of 75 symbols, which then results in the placement of up to 4 Mega symbols and up to 5 wilds anywhere on the grid.

If you collect more than 100 symbols in a row of cascades in Gargantoonz Modifier, the sleeping Gargantoon will become active. Every Mega symbol transforms into a colossal wild when he uses his ability, and they stay active for as long as they are a part of winning clusters. Additionally, there may be up to four 1×1 Gargantoon wilds that emerge at arbitrary locations.

These modifiers are played one after the other if you gather enough symbols in the Quantumeter, and the Mega symbols count as numerous examples to make it easier to fill it up. When one chain of cascades and modifiers reaches its conclusion, the meter is reset to its initial state, and the process begins over.

Gigantoonz Online Slot The Gigantoonz slot machine has a maximum win that is limited at 4,000 times your investment, or 400,000.00 if you play at the maximum amount. Average returns and volatility are also discussed. This is a high volatility game, like many of the Best Slot Games, so you shouldn’t expect to win on every spin; nevertheless, the jackpots may be of a pretty large value to make up for the lack of consistency in winning. The long-term payback percentage of 96.25 percent is somewhat comparable to the average rate for a game that has a significant degree of volatility.